Legendary Items


When are new items released

Just will release new legendary items when we find enough inspiration to create a new serie.
This could be every month or once a year.

When will it be revealed what enchants the legendary items have

The enchants on legendary items will be revealed when a new series comes out.

How to obtain the legendary items

Legendary items can be obtained in different ways.
* You can buy them in the "legendary points shop" for every 50 votes you receive 1 legendary point. When you have gathered 5 points you can exchange them for an item of your choice.
* By making a donation through /buy you can choose to buy individual legendary points or the whole legendary set in one go.

Which series are currently released

The following series are currently available

  1. 1.13 Openings editie
  2. Halloween Editie
  3. 1.11/1.12 Editie
  4. Karcocha's Birthday editie & Valentijns Special
  5. Movie Editie
  6. 1.14 Editie
  7. BBQ Editie
  8. Efteling Editie
  9. Staff Editie
  10. Ultimate Editie
  11. Kerst Editie
  12. 41 Edition