Below you will find the (behavioral) rules that apply on all our servers, site, Discord and unlisted platforms that fall under Just Minecraft unless otherwise indicated.
Once you as a player join for the first time on 1 of Just Minecraft's platforms you automatically agree to these rules and these rules apply for the time you are present.
These rules are and have been determined by the Owner, Leidse_Glibber aka Vincent and Marcoonline aka Marco, with possible advice from Admins and/or Moderators.
Please be aware that Admins and Moderators enforce these rules in their own way of interpretation and so not 100% to the written rules can and need to be accurate.
Thus, the degree of possible punishment may differ between different staff members, however, there will never be doubted as to manner and degree of execution afterwards.
Admins and Moderators have the right to use their rights and powers at all times, If you do not agree with a decision or action we ask you to report it
on our forum so that the Owner(s) can give an opinion about it.



1.1  Treat everyone else as you would want to be treated.
1.2  Leave out anything concerning diseases.
1.3  Leave everything regarding faith religions.
1.4  Leave out anything regarding ancestry.
1.5  Leave out anything regarding politics.
1.6  Don't correct people when it comes to language/grammatical mistakes.
1.7  Bullying is prohibited.
1.8  Do not use words that might make another person feel offended.
1.9  Use of a player skin that can be offensive is forbidden.
1.10  Structures that may appear offensive are prohibited.
1.11 Trolls can but know your and the trolled his/her limit.
1.12 Normal language use is appreciated between 07:00 and 20:00 (CET), between 20:00 and 07:00 (CET) less normal language use, which does not conflict with the foregoing rules, is allowed.


2.1  Do not demolish and edit structures built by other players unless otherwise specified.
2.2  Stealing the belongings of other players is not allowed. Exception to this rule are the items present in places designated as public by an announcement on a sign or other medium.
2.3  You are not allowed to give yourself or others access to a structure that is not yours by breaking blocks.
2.4  Do not destroy, use or steal other people's property if someone drops it because of an unexpected death, for example. Always return picked up items unless otherwise agreed upon.
2.5  Do not make 1x1 or 2x2 towers or remove them immediately after use.
2.6  Do not harvest other people's farms unless otherwise agreed or indicated.
2.7  Do not kill animals that are not yours, do not release these animals either.
2.8  Do not change signs made by others.
2.9  Do not place blocks in a disorderly and haphazard manner.
2.10 Always chop down trees completely.
2.11 Moving and/or finding yourself above or below the natural bedrock layers in the nether worlds and survival worlds is not allowed.
2.12 Always build with a minimum distance of 15 blocks from other structures,claim boundaries and/ or region boundaries unless otherwise agreed.
2.145 Per player or village you may have a maximum of 15 pieces of each mob in captivity, anything above that can be removed by us.


3.1  Use of hacked clients are not allowed only the use of the original Minecraft client or modded clients with mods as indicated in section 3.2.
3.2  Only these mods are allowed: Minimap, Optifine, Schematics (excluding paste/print function).
3.3  Use of so called Xray texture packs is forbidden.
3.4  Using bugs/exploits to your or another's advantage is prohibited. Please report bugs/exploits always on our forum.*F.1.2
3.5  Giving yourself or another person access to a room, place or chest through a glitch is prohibited.
3.6  Using transparent blocks or tnt to give yourself an "xray" view is not allowed.

 4. SPAM NOT ALLOWED (including via private messages)

4.1  Advertising regardless of purpose is not allowed.
4.2  Use of capital letters only not allowed.
4.3  Do not repeat the same sentence unnecessarily..
4.4  Log in/out spam messages not allowed.
4.5  Other languages to communicate in the global chat other than Dutch and English are not allowed.
4.6  Discussions about rules and their application are only conducted in the forum or privately with Leidse_Glibber via Discord.
4.7  Do not ask for items, teleports and other ingame items that are unobtainable, unattainable or not (yet) possible for you at that moment.
4.8  Asking for ranks is not allowed, our rank system is more than clear and can be found on our site or ingame via /rank status (Survival and or Collection server).


5.1  Use of redstone in a way that may cause problems is not allowed.
5.2  The construction or use of buildings that can cause any kind of inconvenience to the performance of the server or the network is not allowed. If a structure is found to be causing this kind of trouble, it can be removed by Admin or Owner without any consultation between builder and staff member.
5.3  One account per person may be online on Just.
5.4  If you are banned or tempbanned you are not allowed to continue playing with another account on our network.
5.5  Automatic machines, constructions and/or farms are not allowed. Player interaction is always a condition.*F.1.1
5.6  Anti afk mechanisms are not allowed.
5.7  Your account is your responsibility.***
5.8  Loss in any way of belongings, rights and other things obtained can in no way transform into a claimable right.
5.9  Ranks can only be earned (independently) by playing on the server or by making a donation.
5.10  Applying for a rank higher than HulpMod can only be done if there are vacancies (any vacancies will be made public on the Site and/or Discord).
5.11 Applying for the rank of HulpMod is always done through the Sollicitaie topic on our forum.
5.12 Donations made to Just Minecraft are never refunded or returned.
5.13 Donations made to Just Minecraft do not give you any claimable right, all features given by Just Minecraft as thanks for a donation can be changed at any time, taken away from the donor or stopped by Just Minecraft. Also, ingame items obtained through donation are not guaranteed, in case of loss in any way there is no right to replacement items.
5.14 (Almost) all given or achieved features and/or ranks available on Just Minecraft are intended for the Survival server only, on other servers in our network the given or achieved features and/or ranks have no added value besides possible naming.
5.15 Obtained coupon codes issued by Just Minecraft can only be used as a method of payment in Just Minecraft's webshop as long as the code is valid****.
Codes are not redeemable for real money or any other form of currency.
*Example: So for meeting the numbers of login moments, constant logging in/out is not allowed.
*Example: For meeting certain command usage numbers, spamming them is not allowed.
**This applies to all things account bound across Just's network such as inventory, claimblocks, ingame money, rank, etc.
*** If you want to transfer your old account data to another new account we expect a donation for the time this will cost. This "administration fee account change" can be found on the donation page or ingame under /buy.
**** The validity of a coupon code is theoretically indefinite but may be declared invalid by Just Minecraft at any time without notice.


6.1 Do not let the rules on our network be a reason not to enjoy playing with us. If something goes wrong or if you feel that you have accidentally broken a rule then please let us know ( as quick as possible) because even with us the rule is; Honesty is the best policy.
Always keep in mind that staff members do everything they do on the server voluntarily because Minecraft may or may not be their favorite hobby.

*F.1.1 - On the Vanilla, auto farms that affect mcMMO xp on other servers are allowed.
*F.1.2 - Same applies to item duping including TNT duping.


Last updated: 20-01-2022