Head Database

A while ago, we added a plugin to Just's survival server, the Headsplugin.
You can for example buy heads of other players and put them on your own head!
You're now also able to get heads to use for decoration to make your base prettier, with for example a TV-set head.
It is a fun, new addition to the survival server.

Shown below is a screenshot of what it looks like. 
At the moment we have 28k heads available to choose or buy from!

How does it work?

Go to your chatbar and type this command: /Heads
After this, you will see a menu, like in the screenshot shown above.
You also have the ability to search for specific heads manually.
For this you can use the command: /hdb search
Shown below is an example: 

As soon as you press enter, you fill see all heads that are found for "Easter" in the database.
The last command is: /phead <playername> = for a playerhead.
If you're looking for a playerhead specifically, this is the easiest way.
When you have chosen the head you want, you can get it for 50 in game money.
We wish you a lot of fun with this fun, new plugin and for questions/problems, you can put those on Just's Forum.

The 3 commands that were added:

  • /heads
  • /phead <playername>
  • /hdb search