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check website update 28-5-2017

28 mei 2017 23:29 - 28 mei 2017 23:30 #1179 door Marco
website update 28-5-2017 werd gestart door Marco
Website core update 3.6.0 --> 3.7.2

Custom Fields - 15 field types for your articles, users and contacts. Read the tutorial on JDocs
Multilingual Associations Component - Translate your content easily from a single, unified interface. Read the tutorial on JDocs
Improved Workflow - Create a category, article, and menu item all in one step from within the menu manager
Backend Menu Manager - Manage the administrator menu just like the frontend, create a different configuration for each of your backend user groups
Do more with TinyMCE - Including new buttons to easily add menu links and contacts and many other improvements
Easier Extension Maintenance - Prevent administrators from accidentally uninstalling needed extension package elements
User Experience - Your User Experience is improved thanks to the display of your global settings, a flatter backend template, the possibility to share sessions between apps...


Fixed attribute checks in the new calendar #15573
Inject the JInput dependency into the session handler #15605
Fix b/c break in JMenuItem #15553
Fix article ordering in the backend #15655
Fix milliseconds handling in for PHP Versions lower to 7.1.0 #15853
Fixing JFilterInput adding byte offsets to character offset #15966
Redirection fails on multiple status values produced by old FOF2 Extensions #15738
Remove empty locked cache file if callback function terminate process #15592
Visit GitHub for the full list of bug fixes.


Fix mime checks #16091
Clear cache with more operations #15606
Setting week numbers to display per default #16117
Fix Page filtering in the Modules manager #16118
Fix Copy Reference to Target issue #16178
Allow multiple values for the integer field #16153
Visit GitHub for the full list of bug fixes.

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