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check Updates nacht 30-3-2018

30 mrt 2018 10:27 #1618 door Marco
Updates nacht 30-3-2018 werd gestart door Marco

[ADD] Shop open commands now support player input that can be used within the shop
[ADD] Added support for GadgetsMenu mystery dust as points currency

Server's : Global


Additions since b488
Messages files are now consistent and include updated translations.
/clearinventory has an optional confirmation check, similar to /pay. #1309
Add notify-player-of-mail-cooldown, a cooldown for how often "You have new mail" messages appear. #1312 11a03bb
Show UUID in /whois. #1394 d7685dc
Add delay-motd, a delay for sending the MOTD after a user connects. #1396 50f2e7a
MCStats Metrics has been replaced with bStats.
Socialspy displays chat messages from muted players. #1430 fd63a7d
Server list no longer shows vanished players.
Kits now support the unbreakable tag. #377 203d656
Add allow-direct-hat, allowing players with essentials.hat to click on their helmet slot to put any item there. #960 7958cd0
Add configurable messages to send to banned players on join attempts. #420 e5c7ba7
This was added to temporary bans later: #1709 a904dab
Disable god mode on login when players don't have essentials.god. #1475 91b2622
Spawn: Separate respawn and spawn-on-join listener priority options. #1491 ed5aa1f
Socialspy messages can now be formatted in the messages file. #1460 (unknown commit)
Mails can now be formatted like chat messages with essentials.mail.color etc. #1611 c14d565
Players no longer receive /me messages from ignored users. #1768 87c6672
ItemFlags are now supported in kits. #795 377c716
Chat: Add {PREFIX} and {SUFFIX} plaxeholders. #1663 738efe8
Add configurable messages to /jails. #1732 e38b155
Add /disposal, a command that opens a disposal inventory like the [Disposal] sign. #1729d69e3a2
Move kits to kits.yml and automatically migrate old kits to the new file. #1774 cd43355
Disable pastebin-createkit by default, and switch to Hastebin. #1916 0d5da06
Add /ess version command, giving detailed info for support purposes. #1514 4e8e7be
Add extra permissions to /whois and /seen. #735 95ac4a4
Add colour formatting to /mail sendall. #1867 d3c4c2b
cancel-afk-on-move now works independently of cancel-afk-on-interact. #1804 823f1c2
Fixes since b488
/condense now works on 1.12. #1298 3831464
World is now passed when retrieving Vault prefix and suffix. #1327 341263b
Tab complete now includes player names. #1301 12930cf
LuckPerms is now supported by default, and is recommended over other permissions plugins. #1356 d5cbfef
Players can no longer reply to PMs while muted. #1375 518a43d
Tab completion with /warp now requires essentials.warp.list. #1378 301a3a7
Arrows shot by people in god mode or who are vanished without the PvP permission no longer set people on fire. #1462 13fbd31
Powertools that include {player} no longer run when powertools are disabled. #1474 eb341c0
PlayerInteractEvent no longer causes constant stack traces on 1.12.2.
Spawners now work correctly. #1536 b346970
Logger parent infinite loop fixed on Paper servers. #1570 2c4ff35
/tppos now checks for per-world teleport permissions. #1516 cd7e096
Send an error when trying to show an invalid page. #1754 ef1e57f
Kits parse correctly without unpredictable behaviour. #1757 1f0f77f
GeoIP: Rewritten to use the newer MaxMind GeoIP 2 database to avoid breakage. #1748 938f94e
Arguments are now passed in the correct order in the construction of GodStatusChangeEvents. #1790 16a496c
Vanished players are no longer targeted by entities. #1829 0540042
/clearinventory now clears the offhand slot. 983f3a7
Don't show error that MOTD is missing on login. #1811 e4a8222
Vanished players can leave vanish properly after switching world's while vanished. (This fixes the infamous hidden unvanished players bug.) #1796 61c1485

Server's : Global

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