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check Updates nacht 12-03-2018

11 mrt 2018 12:02 #1552 door Vincent
Updates nacht 12-03-2018 werd gestart door Vincent
AsyncWorldEdit - Premium is nu versie 3.5.1

* fixed paperspigot compatibility
* added API to disable async mode for edit session
* added options to automatically disable async mode for API calls, console commands and unknown player commands.

Server(s): ALLE

LuckPerms | An advanced permissions plugin is nu versie 4.1.25

Hey everyone. This update contains just a few bug fixes and improvements following the release of the previous version.

Thanks to those who've been reporting bugs on GitHub and Discord. ;)

Users and groups are now submitted to the editor in weight order, so they appear in a nice order in the tab menu.
Web editor data, verbose recordings and tree views are now compressed before being uploaded. This fixes an issue where sometimes data would exceed the max allowed upload size. I've been seeing a 5000% compression ratio in some cases.
Fix compatibility with older Gson versions (the versions bundled before 1.12)
Fixed a longstanding issue which prevented LuckPerms from loading on CraftBukkit < 1.12
Fully relocated the Jedis driver, this was causing conflicts with other plugins in some cases
Fixed NPEs caused in LPPermissionMap
Small performance improvement: strings are no longer interned in ContextSets
Return a dummy value instead of throwing an exception when an offline player is queried via Vault
Fix a classloading issue which prevented LuckPerms from loading on Java 9

Server(s): ALLE

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