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check Updates nacht 18-01-2018

17 jan 2018 08:24 - 17 jan 2018 19:09 #1460 door Vincent
Updates nacht 18-01-2018 werd gestart door Vincent
BossShopPro - The most powerful Chest GUI shop/menu plugin is nu versie v1.9.5

[NOTE] 1. The addon ThirdCurrency needs to be updated if you are using it
[NOTE] 2. The addon PlayerShops needs to be updated if you are using it
[IMPROVE] When players buy items with "RewardType: ItemAll" and do not have enough money for a full inventory they receive as much items as they have money for instead of being unable to buy anything.
[FIX] When using "PriceType: Or" in same cases wrong messages were sent to the player.

Server(s): ALLE

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