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check Updates nacht 01-01-2018

31 dec 2017 11:20 #1443 door Vincent
Updates nacht 01-01-2018 werd gestart door Vincent
BannerBoard is nu versie

Some people have OP disabled, which caused them to become unable to create banners. Requiring to be OP was replaced with the permissions which can be found in the previous update note.


LuckPerms | An advanced permissions plugin is nu versie 4.0.80

This is a quick update to address some issues and bugs in the previous version, and add some small new features.

Importantly: this version adds a workaround for an issue caused by a recent Spigot change, which prevented LuckPerms from loading on the most recent Spigot release.

Update 30/12: A version without this workaround has been uploaded - the issue has been addressed in the latest Spigot release.

If you're having issues with the previous version, please update! :)

Implement system for shorter web editor urls & display a diff when changes are applied
Remove character constraints on group names, cleanup legacy node (de)serialization system
Add config option for defining extra SQL connection properties
Rewrite the MongoDB storage implementation to use the new node serialisation format
Run a sync task after completing a bulk update
Add code to migrate PermissionsEx ladders during migration
Fix compatibility with older Gson versions
Validate checksums of downloaded dependencies
Fix message bug when parsing two consecutive color codes
Fix compat with older hikari versions
Add option to pull server setting from the file
Fix user demote command success message
Fix promote / demote command inconsistencies
Refactor paginated command output, add flags for ordering 'permission info' entries, fix crashes caused by long messages
Send a message when an editor upload begins
Add user clone command
Send more helpful message when /lp is executed without any arguments
Change log output format, refactor log pagination
Correctly close flatfile database connections on disable, catch all exceptions when performing initial data load (fixes the /reload issue)
Rewrite Vault implementation to upgrade requests to uuids instead of downgrade to usernames
Fix clicking 'meta info' output messages to fill in the remove commands
Send a different type of update ping for user changes, and only apply the change if the user is loaded
Allow spaces in world names

Server(s): ALLE

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