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check middag update 31-8-2018

31 aug 2018 12:43 - 31 aug 2018 12:44 #2008 door Marco
middag update 31-8-2018 werd gestart door Marco

Fix hylian drops
Slightly delay recipe loading because apparently spigot broke doing that
more cleanup in the TreasureConfig
update excavation on experience.yml
Various Fixes

Server's: survival, VIP


Send a more informative message when the bulkupdate command is used from
Optimize event generation & other misc improvements
Don't call NodeAddEvent when adding the default group

Server's: #global


Update sql-v1 Set value higher to prevent errors with new entitytypes in database. Example for flag denyspawn with some 1.13 EntityTypes
Merge pull request #384 from LinzN/LinzN-patch-1

Server's: #global


Minor formatting and neatness changes
Merge pull request #421 from Pieter12345/master
Fix plugin enabling on Bukkit without compatible adapter
Added a 1.13.1 adapter
Little bit of formatting
Finish the BlockData caching in Bukkit
Add a mask for block categories. Eg, you can now do //replace ##wool minecraft:sand to replace all wool with sand
Enable experimental //walls for non-cuboid regions.

Server's: #global


Minecraft 1.13.1 support
Fix ConcurrentModificationException when tasks are cancelled during
#2520: Fix ConcurrentModificationException when tasks are cancelled
#2494: Add an option to disable pings in log

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